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Human Factors

The human factor is said to be the most unpredictable factor.

Risk Management

A way of thinking that will give you better answers to better questions.

Safety Management

A management system to enhance safety elements in the workplace.

Accident Investigation

Accidents don't happen, they are caused. It's about perspective.

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A Client-Centered Approach to Maritime Safety

Our products and services are primarily geared towards training and consultancy services in the broader Human Factors discipline, including a focus on Human Factors, Accident Investigation, Risk Management and Safety Management Systems.

Featured Courses


Only Human? Insights into safe behaviour in the workplace.


This interactive workshop examines the cognitive and response processes behind safe behaviour in the workplace. It focuses on developing the understanding needed to identify and manage the factors behind the often-unpredictable workplace behaviours identified in accident causation studies.

The workshop is structured around a practical sequential cognitive model, examining the hypothesized stages in the decision-making and response process of individuals in a hazardous situation.

The model starts by exploring the individual's perception and cognition of the hazard - without a clear understanding here, there can be no positive safe behaviour. This is followed by the critical personal motivation stage. These stages are followed by the decision-making stage, and finally, if an individual decides to take action to minimise / reduce the risks of an accident, they still need the ability to do this.


It's all about RISK.


This 3-day training package (delivered in 2 separate workshops) will provide a comprehensive introduction to practical Risk Management Practice, as well as an in-depth overview of Risk taking behaviour – trying to understand why people take clear risks in dangerous environments.

We will make extensive use of case studies to provide a practical, engaging and interactive overview of key topic areas – ultimately promoting the application of this vital information in the workplace, on land or at sea.Throughout the training, we will make extensive use of industry examples and case-studies, as well as best-practice standards and guidelines.

Safety starts with a conversation

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