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Human Factors

The human factor is said to be the most unpredictable factor.

Risk Management

A way of thinking that will give you better answers to better questions.

Safety Management

A management system to enhance safety elements in the workplace.

Accident Investigation

Accidents don't happen, they are caused. It's about perspective.

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A Client-Centered Approach to Maritime Safety

Our products and services are primarily geared towards training and consultancy services in the broader Human Factors discipline, including a focus on Human Factors, Accident Investigation, Risk Management and Safety Management Systems.

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Featured Courses


Getting to Why.


This training package (delivered in 2 separate workshops) will provide a comprehensive introduction to practical Accident Investigation techniques, as well as an in-depth examination of the role of Human Factors in accident causation.

This workshop will examine the theory behind human error using the latest scientific knowledge and models to provide in-depth understanding of this human trait.


It's all about RISK.


This 3-day training package (delivered in 2 separate workshops) will provide a comprehensive introduction to practical Risk Management Practice, as well as an in-depth overview of Risk taking behaviour – trying to understand why people take clear risks in dangerous environments.

We will make extensive use of case studies to provide a practical, engaging and interactive overview of key topic areas – ultimately promoting the application of this vital information in the workplace, on land or at sea.Throughout the training, we will make extensive use of industry examples and case-studies, as well as best-practice standards and guidelines.

Safety starts with a conversation

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