Human Factor Specialists

A Unique Client-Centered Approach to Maritime Safety

As an independent occupational safety consultancy specialising in human-focused Health and Safety services to the Maritime Industry, Pro-Safe Marine is able to service clients nationally, regionally and internationally.

Our products and services are primarily geared towards training and consultancy services in the broader Human Factors discipline, including a focus on Human Factors, Accident Investigation, Risk Management and Safety Management Systems.

These services are aimed at the sea-going component of the industry (commercial marine and fishing vessels) as well as related shore-based industries such as the shipbuilding & repair, stevedoring and maritime services.


1997 - Established in South Africa

2001 - Relocation to New Zealand

2017 - Launched crewSAFE Online - Advisory Services


Experience & Vision

Our Team


Eric Holliday


Eric is the CEO of Pro-Safe Marine. Originally a Marine Engineer by trade - travelling the world on tankers, bulk carriers and container vessels - he has since spent the last 25 years as a safety professional, both as a manager and as an independent consultant. Eric has provided specialist consulting services and has conducted training workshops and seminars to a wide spectrum of Industry and Government bodies. Specialist areas targeted include Human Factors, risk and hazard management, accident investigation and safety management systems, presented to a wide spectrum of industries - ranging from Maritime, Nuclear Power and Rail, to Defence, Commercial Fishing and Mining in New Zealand, Australia, the United States and Canada as well as South Africa and Namibia.

He is recognised as a pragmatic Human Factors specialists, in particular, focusing his attention on safety culture promotion, human error management, risk-taking behaviour and the risk/human interface.

Eric also leads an international non-profit organisation (The FISH Safety Foundation), dedicated to improving Health & Safety outcomes in Commercial Fishing - an industry recognised as the world's most hazardous. See: www.fishsafety.org

Eric is an Associate Fellow of The Nautical Institute www.nautinst.org, a Fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology www.imarest.org, as well as an international Ambassador for the CHIRP Maritime Programme www.chirpmaritime.org


Marius Jacobs

Principal, North America

Marius is a highly respected, and experienced speaker, presenter, trainer, coach and facilitator, and a specialist in the fields of behaviour and culture change as well as leadership development.

Bringing more than 25 years of training and human / organisational development experience to Pro-Safe Marine, he also has extensive practical working experience in the specialist fields of safety and risk management - qualities that will be of great value to any organisation interested in taking the next step in the safety journey ..... to beyond compliance!


Amy Knighton-Tyree

Project Coordinator

With a background in Human Resources, Amy comes to the Pro-Safe Marinewith fresh eyes!

Originally from the UK, Amy has had a varied career across several industries including airlines and telecommunications.

Amy heads up the social media campaign and assist Eric & Marius with the development of the organisation. She is passionate about technology and how it can be used to make the world a safer place.

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