Risk Management


It's all about RISK.


This 3-day training package (delivered in 2 separate workshops) will provide a comprehensive introduction to practical Risk Management Practice, as well as an in-depth overview of Risk taking behaviour – trying to understand why people take clear risks in dangerous environments.

We will make extensive use of case studies to provide a practical, engaging and interactive overview of key topic areas – ultimately promoting the application of this vital information in the workplace, on land or at sea.Throughout the training, we will make extensive use of industry examples and case-studies, as well as best-practice standards and guidelines. 


Operational Risk Management.


Operational Risk Management (ORM) is a practical decision-making tool used by maritime personnel at all levels to increase operational effectiveness by identifying, assessing, controlling and monitoring risks. The ORM processes adds structure to the process required to make informed decisions – on a continuous basis.

This practical 1-day workshop will provide delegates with the necessary tools to effectively recognise, assess and proactively manage workplace risk.


Risk Management for Safety Professionals.


This workshop builds on the practical Operational RiskManagement (ORM) workshop and examines in more detail the systems-approach to managing safety risks onboard or in the workplace.

To be truly effective within an organization, risk management should be an integrated part of the organization's overall governance, management, reporting processes, policies, philosophy and culture. This workshop will provide practical strategies and guidelines to assist delegates in understanding and developing a user-friendly management system. It will also provide delegates with a clear understanding of the ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard, and the means to apply it in the workplace.


Introduction to ISO 31 000.


The ISO 31 000 Standard has generated a lot of interest in Industry. This introductory workshop is aimed at providing the delegate with a clear introduction and concise overview of the revised Standard, and we will systematically work through the Standard and provide guidance on its implementation.

This one-day workshop is information- and workshop-based. Delegates will have the opportunity to apply new knowledge immediately by means of structured workshops on the day. There are a number of tips and guidelines for implementation that will be discussed and workshopped by delegates – all practical information that can be taken back to the workplace and implemented immediately.

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